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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Tree house doodle

treehouse Tree house doodle

Doodle a tree of houses

This is literally a tree house doodle, here I’ve drawn a series of my row houses up the trunk of a tree.

One of the nice things about houses that are stacked on top of each other is that you get to draw fun accents like stairs and ladders – because the designs are fanciful they don’t actually have to be serious so you can drape your stairs in loops and waves and your houses don’t have to be engineered to actually sit where they are – just sketch your houses and wrap the tree around them. In my drawing you’ll see a set of windows inside the tree making this a tree house as well.


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Friday, July 5th, 2013

Step by step how to draw a Lion

how to draw a lion in 6 steps Step by step how to draw a Lion

How to draw a lion in six simple steps

Today we’re drawing a lion in six very easy steps. I like to start with the face and but this time, if you want a really fluffy mane and no line – draw the outer oval in step one in pencil so you can erase it later on. Everything else can be inked directly.

I thin my lion is a pretty happy lion so I’ve made him a performer in a zoo and given him something to stand on. You can put your lion anywhere – just sketch in a background for him.

I colored the lion with Tombow markers – sometimes using the color at full strength and other times dipping the pen in water to make a more water color effect.

Once you’ve got a feel for making your lion why not try some other poses for him – maybe lying down or running?




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Monday, July 1st, 2013

Step by step how to draw a fox

how to draw a fox in 6 steps Step by step how to draw a fox

Learn to draw a fox, in six simple steps

I love to draw and I love to experiment with drawing different things. Today it is foxes. They’re so cute and reducing the process of drawing them to six simple steps was a challenge I really enjoyed. Once you get a grip on the basic fox try making tall and thin foxes – mums and dads and then shorter plumper ones for their kids (technically baby foxes are kits).

This step by step can be rendered in pencil or in ink – there are no lines to erase so you’re ready to go.

Then try different body poses. In an upcoming blog post I’ll have some fox studies for you to show you some simple poses for this basic fox.

You can paint the fox with water colors paints or do as I did and use Tombow markers. They mix with water for water color style painting or use them as colored markers at full saturation.

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

How to draw – a row house drawing exercise

beach houses row how to draw How to draw   a row house drawing exercise

Learn to draw row houses with this cute house drawing exercise

Here is a fun exercise for learning and practicing to draw houses and row houses. In this first example, above, is a series of beach bathing boxes like they have at some of the beaches in Australia such as Brighton Beach and Mornington Beach.

As with the example in my previous post, start with a line for the ground and then some little boxes. Pencil in the roof lines and then try for some variety in the decorations, doors and windows. Think of seaside things like striped paneling, life buoys, satellite dishes and large numbers. Pencil these in before going over everything with a pen.

I don’t usually color my pieces beyond some grey color applied using a Prismacolor pen. However in this case I scanned the drawing into a new document and opened it in Photoshop. I fixed the lines and then colored the background and the sand.

more cute row houses How to draw   a row house drawing exercise


Here is another set of houses, again little boxes with pointed roofs. I looked for some variety in roofs and even added a ladder, a shut up house and one with a Volkswagen in the carport.

If you want to see the earlier post with the step by step for creating the houses, here is what I drew and a link to the post.

row houses1 How to draw   a row house drawing exercise



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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

How to draw houses – step by step

row houses How to draw houses   step by step

Learn how to draw one house or a row of them, step by step

I love drawing houses but it took a fair bit of research and sketching until I found my style and then, I sometimes need to shake it up so I don’t repeat the basic shapes over and over.

If you’re starting out, as with anything worth learning, you will want to practice  until you find what you like to draw and find the styles that you like to use.

Here is a way to have fun drawing houses. It is a step by step approach and it starts with a line for the ground and some boxes on top. Use a nice soft pencil so it erases away at the end and press lightly. I like to use a 2B propelling pen – it’s hard to get leads for but it is awesome and never needs sharpening! I seldom erase anything but sometimes I have to draw over the lines a few time to get them right.

how to draw a set of row houses How to draw houses   step by step

Once the boxes are drawn I start drawing in the roof lines, windows and some other small details. You will want to have a few different shapes so experiment with them. Again, it is seldom necessary to erase lines and instead just draw those you want to use.

When that is done, start inking in the details. If I made a mistake in the pencil lines I’ll often correct these as I ink the shapes and not even redraw the line in pencil. I have a damaged .005 black pen which I use a lot and sometimes a .02 but seldom anything any wider. I use Sakura Pigma Micron markers and I really like them.

Finally, I thicken up the lines, in particular in the places where the lines join – I use a .005 for that.  Then I finish off with a Prismacolor marker in Cool Grey for the roofs and small details. If I scan the art then I remove the fill color by erasing it in Photoshop and then I color it digitally.



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