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Friday, April 5th, 2013

DIY Finials with polymer clay and gingko clay molded shapes

finials clay oil paint molds 2 DIY Finials with polymer clay and gingko clay molded shapes

One cool thing about today’s crafts is that there are so many things to work with and so many great and inexpensive home decorative elements that you can embellish.

Here are some finials we made using polymer clay and molds. The wooden bases can be bought at any good hardware store – they are turned and unfinished with screw ends. They can be baked in the oven so they will take polymer clay as we did here.

These finials were covered with an ecru color clay mix – roll the polymer clay to around 1/4 inch thick and then cover the finial with it. Smooth it fairly evenly but then finish it off with some texturing – you can texture with anything that you have handy and which has a rough surface.

The gingko leaves are made from a mold. Choose a flattish type of mold and fill it with clay. Press the clay out of the mold and press to adhere to the finial. Repeat and place the molded shapes over the finials.

finials clay oil paint molds 1 DIY Finials with polymer clay and gingko clay molded shapes

When you are done, bake the finials in the oven following the clay manufacturer’s instructions. It is always a good idea to leave the pieces in the oven when done until they cool off. If you support the pieces with fiberfill in the oven they won’t get flat spots on them.

To age the pieces, paint with sepia colored oil paint. Cover with a light layer of the paint making sure to push the color into the texture surface and around the edges of the molds. Then clean off the paint with a soft cloth – leaving the paint in the creases and texture areas.

The molds used here are from Krafty Lady Art Molds.

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

blog boy 1 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

It all started with this toothy fellow. My friend Frank and I were in a meeting where we both doodle. My doodles are more like geometric puzzles within geometric puzzles, Frank’s doodles are more like creatures from other planets.

A few months ago he doodled this fellow and gave me a cheesy grin which I took to mean, “neener neener betcha can’t build it”. I promptly swiped his doodle, bought a lovely glass eyeball and went to work. A few days later wearing my own cheesy grin, I nonchalantly brought Eyeball Boy to visit his daddy.

Then my birthday arrived. Frank drew 6 more doodle-beings as my present. I was very happy until upon closer scrutiny, noticed that all of the drawings had balance challenges.

blog boy 2 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

I picked Mr. Horns and with a gleam in my eye, pulled out a couple more eyeballs and went to work. Besides having overly large hands in odd positions, the weight of his head and horns, even with light armatures, could easily make him topple over. He was made in two pieces and will be glued together at the neck.

blog boy 3 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

Now I’m working on Lips, a strange creature with one foot and a very wild head of… well you get the picture.

Michelle Zimmerman

favecrafts blog hop logo From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

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Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Zeiseh Punim (sweet face)

babyface Zeiseh Punim (sweet face)

What’s in a baby face? So much…

Kristine Lockwood AKA Krafty Lady Art Moulds has a mould of a baby doll face. So many possibilities in such a little zeiseh punim (sweet face). I’ve been asked before my thoughts on how people are formed, heredity or environment.

These little faces all came from the same mould but turned out so very different based on clay color and little details. Some have gone off to be hard working doorknobs, some are traveling the world. Still some are just sitting around the house up to no good.

All came from the same mould and formed by the same person.

Perhaps we’re not so different  underneath it all after all?


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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Ode to Lynne

ode to Lynne Ode to Lynne

Odes are good things

An ode is a song meant to be sung.

Since we all dance to a different drummer it’s not a huge leap of logic to think that we also sing to a different beat.

I know a woman who creates her own style with what she wears and what she does. She believes in innate goodness and whenever she can, she helps people see the good stuff that she sees in them.

I think she’s got a great beat! I made this necklace for her a while back at the request of a friend of hers and it’s called Ode to Lynne.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg (aka RiverPoet) travels around teaching people some awesome clay techniques. If you ever get the chance to take a class from her you’re in for an enjoyable time.

Whenever I look at this I feel like dancing and wonder what Lynne is doing.


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Monday, July 12th, 2010

A puppet by any other name would still be fun

greek theater A puppet by any other name would still be fun

A Puppet by any other name is still just a fun toy.

When I was a kid I loved playing with puppets. I wrote great works of deep meaning which I believed were just as classical as the books, “Captain Kitty” or “Purrrt” which are still a part of my extensive classic book collection.

When Kristine the Krafty Lady put out a call for designers to repurpose lunch pails, what better item could there be but a transportable puppet show?

A place to pack the puppets, doubles as a stage, carries your intermission snack (must be compact though, like a cheese stick or banana) and comes complete with carry handle.

The only thing lacking is the lighting system, but luckily for traveling puppeteers, most households have lamps.

- Michelle

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Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Christmas ornament

 Christmas ornament

This is a cute Christmas ornament that Michelle made for our friend Mindy. The ornament is polymer clay – a mix of Premo and Kato Polyclay, and it is a fish that Michelle made the mold for.

The fish has a very cute hat – making her, in my mind at least, a clown fish. She has the cutest lips and is oiled as is our habit lately with burnt umber oil paint to give her a wonderful patina. The molded piece has an uneven texture so she looks almost like she is hewn from stone.  She has a great new home on a Christmas/Hanukkah tree alongside a host of other eclectic ornaments.

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Seabasstiania Warrior Fish!

seabasstiania front oil 795282 Seabasstiania Warrior Fish!

She was a group birthday gift made for Debra Quartermain . She started out as a “fish fish”, but had an unfortunate accident in the oven when she jumped off her stick during the final cure. Her left fin broke off completely and when something breaks the best way I know of to fix it is to make it better than before. Warrior fish with adorned battle scars was born. She’s made from Kato Polyclay and the beautiful Lisa Pavelka stamp for decorating the base . Helen, Frank and Mindy– Seabasstiania leader of the deep sea bass thanks you!

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Friday, March 13th, 2009

Michelle’s Easter project for JoAnn

easter 716069 Michelles Easter project for JoAnn
Last year Michelle designed this too cool Easter project for AMACO and JoAnn.

Today I opened my Easter email from JoAnn and – guess what? – there was a photo of the chicks there and a link to the how to project on

I’m not sure what the female chick will say to carrying last year’s handbag – she was really a very high fashion gal and that bag is so – well – yesterday icon wink Michelles Easter project for JoAnn

So, when you make your chick, please give her an up to date look – she will thank you!

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Easter door knob?!

winky 770195 Easter door knob?!

Meet Winky, the Easter Bunny’s ne’er-do-well sister. Hide the carrot juice and permanent markers. Winky gets a little crazy helping out brother bunny with the holiday decorations. Warrants have been issued in some areas as a result of some amazing graffiti.

Winky is made of polymer clay and coated with oil paint. I started making a portrait of myself and well, sometimes other characters just shine through the best of intentions.

I’m also not confirming or denying that Winky may or may not be a door knob as I posted in a previous moment of weakness a promise never to attach unannounced door knobs to Helen’s work station again. I’m not confirming or denying that either…

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ornament Thursday is here!

OT MZ Feb 707449 Ornament Thursday is here!
Ornament Thursday requires the use of a special kind of purple (heliotrope) this month and that calls for a special kind of earring. These are made from polymer clay and were made in such a way to show off the mica properties of the clay. One side shiny and one side dark, same clay. A twist is all you need to see both.MZ

OT HB feb 776788 Ornament Thursday is here!
My design this month was completed after I raided Michelle’s secret box of beads. You see she and her friend Frank were putting up shelves above her desk in the studio and were busy drilling lots and lots of holes working on the principle that if they drilled enough of them they’d eventually hit a stud! They did but in the meantime they were so focused on the holes they were drilling and playing with the (very useless) stud finder that I had time to sift through her box of beads.

The box is full of clay beads she has made over the years. I turned up this set of polished beads – yeah! a perfect solution to this month’s Ornament Thursday challenge. I combined them with a huge Bali silver bead I had, lots of silver bead caps and spacers and some wonderful dark purple glass beads. It took me less time to make this than it did for them to get one shelf up. Now that’s what I call a productive afternoon in the studio. HB

Here’s what the other Ornament Thursday team has been up to this month:

Heliotrope: Purple by any other name

Lisa waffles on what shade of purple is really “Heliotrope”

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
Check out Linda’s necklace and don’t miss the giveaway!

Heliotrope-Ornament Thursday
Did someone say violet?

Michelle shares a heliotrope layout of her her and her fish!

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