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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Cloud Embroidery with Beads

embroidery 11 Cloud Embroidery with Beads

felt cloud, embroidery stitches and beads

Felt cloud with embroidery stitches and beads

I’ve been playing around with some different embroidery projects lately and combining felt with embroidery. It’s a great idea because it lets you get a lot of color without having to do a lot of sewing. Here I’ve used rows of colored stitches including a row of chain stitch, and 3 rows of back stitch. When you mix the colors over felt you get lots of wonderful dimension.

For the rain drops I’ve used a series of wired beads. You can make these yourself using a very light wire and glass beads. I used pieces from an ornament I pulled apart. I am always on the lookout for things I can pull apart when I shop post Christmas at the craft stores and at Cost Plus. I prefer Cost Plus because it is a great source of things when you look past the item itself and look to what you can get when you break it into little pieces. These beads came in longer strings, all I needed to do is to open up the wired loops using pliers and pull them apart into ‘right size’ lengths. Then I sewed them in under the edge of the cloud.

The embroidery is done on linen fabric which I find at Joann’s. I love sewing on linen and this one is a great dark grey color with a narrow cream stripe. It gives projects just the right amount of sophistication. I also prefer to use DMC Pearl Cotton – it is a thickish embroidery thread and it is nice and soft to work with. Since it is a single thread and not designed to be pulled apart, it has a great luster which makes your project look awesome.

embroidery 12 Cloud Embroidery with Beads




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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The Recycled Tag Project – Chalkboard Paint and Chalk

recycle clothing tags chalkboard paint 2 The Recycled Tag Project   Chalkboard Paint and Chalk

Dust off your chalk and duster and make these reusable recyclable mini chalkboard tags

Today’s post in the series on recycling clothing tags looks at making chalkboard tags – simple and fun and everyone probably has a container of chalkboard paint these days. If you don’t then check out your local store – companies like Plaid sell it in 2oz containers perfect for small craft projects like these. The paint is really nice and pretty opaque so it goes on thick and gives good coverage.

Here I took three identical tags and just gave them two good coats of chalkboard paint. I chose tags that were mat cardboard with a sort of porous surface as the paint sticks to them. The tag that was shiny coated cardstock hit the bin really quickly as the paint just didn’t adhere and it came off as quickly as it went on. I guess you could sand the surface or gesso it but these are recycled tags and you don’t want to get too fussy with them.

recycle clothing tags chalkboard paint The Recycled Tag Project   Chalkboard Paint and Chalk

Once dry you can write or draw your message in chalk. If you use the side of the tag that has embossed text on it from the manufacturer you will get the pattern through the chalk. You can see here that my tags were from Mossimo!

These tags could be used for gifts or to hang from baskets or jars to tell you what is in them. Lots of uses – tons of fun and Oh! so simple to make. For a special touch, cut a piece of burlap or linen just a bit larger than the tag and adhere the tag to the fabric. Make a hole through the tag and the fabric and loop the string through that.

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