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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Free Downoad – Christmas Printables

christmas printables craftinggoodnessdotcom Free Downoad   Christmas Printables

Santa’s Elves have been busy creating these free printable Christmas tags

At we’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas in so many ways and one of them is drawing some tags for you.

These fun tags come as a pdf file in black, red and green. Simply download the file, open it, print the page or pages of your choice and then cut the tags for your presents. You can print onto heavy cardstock or onto paper with sticky back so you can trim and stick – it’s up to you…

Wishing  you all the very best for the season from us all!

Download your tags here.


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Friday, August 31st, 2012

A Die Cutter with the Smarts

silhouette3 A Die Cutter with the SmartsThere are folks who want to pop a die into a machine and cut it and there are folks who want to design the shape then cut. If you’re the latter type of crafter then the Silhouette is for you.

silhouette1 A Die Cutter with the SmartsNot only is this a cool die cut machine but it also comes with software allowing you to create your own die cut designs.

silhouette2 A Die Cutter with the SmartsIf this weren’t enough, the Silhouette manufacturers also have a huge range of papers that you can use in the die cutting machine. There are double sided adhesive sheets, magnet paper, sticker sheets, there’s easy to cut vinyl, printable silver and gold foil as well as a printable tattoo paper.

silhouette4 A Die Cutter with the SmartsThis manufacturer seems to be getting everything right with this product – good quality software, a quality cutting machine and papers that make it easy for you to actually put your machine to use in more ways than simply cutting scrapbook papers.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with Style

cosmocricket1 Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with StyleCute isn’t going away any time soon if the folks from Cosmo Cricket have anything to say about it. The new lines from Cosmo Cricket include S’More Love and Jolly Days are all about cute.

There’s Santa and Dancer in the new Jolly Days line and plenty of cute forest animals in the S’more Love line. The colors are great – think some retro colors and blue and gold included with the holiday papers and the designs are smart.

cosmocricket2 Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with StyleWe’ve always liked Cosmo Cricket papers and I have fond memories of its Dutch Girl collection which I still have some papers from in my stash. These new paper designs are equally as good as any the company has ever made.

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Monday, August 27th, 2012

Bow Tying Tools Make Bow Tying Simple

bowmaker1 Bow Tying Tools Make Bow Tying SimpleOne trend we saw a lot of at CHA Summer in Chicago was tools for tying bows.

If you’ve ever tried to tie a good quality bow you’ll know that it’s not as easy as it looks and typically your bow goes skew at the very end.

Luckily there are plenty of manufacturers that have got the idea all tied up and they’re selling tools that make it easy for you to create bows. From Little Pink Ladybug comes the Brilliant Bowmaker, Bow Making System and various kits and templates. One that I really liked is its Classic Kit.

bowmaker2 Bow Tying Tools Make Bow Tying SimpleThere are also kits available from manufacturers such as Clover that help you get started tying making great bows every time. Clover also has a range of flower makers that help you make flowers. In short, it’s worth checking out the Clover products next time you’re at your favorite store.clover flowers and bows Bow Tying Tools Make Bow Tying Simple

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Friday, August 24th, 2012

Lusting after Washi Tape

queen and company washi tape Lusting after Washi TapeWhile I first encountered Washi tape in Japan quite a few years ago and well before it became popular here there’s still something super cool about Washi tape that just makes you want to go and grab a roll or two.

Queen & Company better known for cut felt embellishments and buttons is now well and truly a player in the Washi tape business. Sourcing their tape from China they covered their booth at CHA Summer with stripes and full rolls of Washi tape.

If you’re in a market for Washi tape then check out their cool range – they have something for every season, holiday and style including some cool Christmas and Halloween ones.

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Chalk it Up!

chalk1 Chalk it Up! One of the hot design trends at CHA Summer and one that we’ve already nailed here in our studio is chalkboards. Everywhere across the CHA show floor were things painted with chalkboard paint and covered with all sorts of messages.

chalk2 Chalk it Up! We saw everything painted with chalkboard paint from old recycled doors to repurposed metal trays. The surfaces were used as places to leave notes, signposts for make and takes and booths and just about everything in between.

chalk3 Chalk it Up! If you haven’t delved into this trend, perhaps it’s time to do so. At Michaels recently we discovered chalkboard paint in black and green and Rustoleum has a range of colors in its line of paints. All you needs is a couple of good coats of paint and when dry season the surface by rubbing it with chalk, wipe clean and you’re ready to go.

chalk4 Chalk it Up! We liked love the idea of painting chalk onto mason jars to label things in our studio or kitchen, painting it onto glass and canvas and repurposed tins but really there’s practically nothing that won’t take the paint that you can’t find a cool use for. chalk5 Chalk it Up!

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Monday, August 20th, 2012

Yummy Vintage Toy Cars

cars1 Yummy Vintage Toy CarsOne trend I saw at Summer CHA that’s not entirely about crafting but is certainly one that’s all about cute is the use of small model cars to decorate workspaces. In no less than three booths I saw cute vintage toy cars being used as display pieces. If you haven’t already encountered the trend then check out your nearest antique shop for cool vehicles that you just can’t live without. I have a series of metal biplanes on my office wall but these cars were so cute I can’t wait to find one for my desk. cars2 Yummy Vintage Toy Cars

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Friday, August 17th, 2012

Sizzix Vagabond Machine – Inspired by Tim Holtz

sizzix 1 Sizzix Vagabond Machine   Inspired by Tim HoltzWhile die cut machines have been around for a while now and almost everyone has at least one, we fell in love with the Sizzix Vagabond, inspired by Tim Holtz. This briefcase size machine looks like a well-traveled briefcase and it opens to reveal a portable die cut machine.

Plug it in, choose your die and you’re off and ready to cut and emboss paper and other materials. The Vagabond works with the smallest of the Sizzix dies all the way through to the big 6″ wide plastic-backed dies and embossing tools. I think it is just so cute that I’m adding it to my Christmas wish list.sizzix2 Sizzix Vagabond Machine   Inspired by Tim Holtz

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Hats off to Clover!

Clover clamshell purses

clover clam shell purses Hats off to Clover!We love products from Clover. This sewing notions manufacturer has always come to the party with good quality products that answer a range of needs. Personally I have a stash of its pompom makers which make making pompoms even down to a small three quarters of an inch in size an absolute breeze.

New in the Clover line is a set of plastic shapes that allow you to create a clamshell purse. You’ll use three of the plastic shapes of the same size for each purse. Cover them with fabric, sew them together and they snap automatically closed to hold coins and other small trinkets. The purse pieces are available in a range of sizes.

What is great about Clover products is that you get to “do it yourself” but the products make success almost guaranteed and you can customize the look by using fabrics and ribbon that you like.

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Monday, August 13th, 2012

News from Hot Off the Press!

hot off the press multi paper3 News from Hot Off the Press!Hot Of The Press has always been a company that’s been more about paper than anything else. The new Hot Off The Press Color Me Resist Papers are something we haven’t seen a lot of before but they look really great.

hot off the press multi paper News from Hot Off the Press!These papers are printed black and overlaid with a white shiny almost embossed surface impression. The result is a surface that can be inked and you then wipe away the excess ink from the shiny surface which resists it so it doesn’t dry. With just a few dabs of ink or a dust of chalk you get a multidimensional effect with just a sheet of paper.

hot off the press multi paper2 News from Hot Off the Press!Another thing in the Hot Off The Press line is its Color Me Toppers which are plain card printed with a black raised design that you can ink or color. They’re great for scrapbooks and for card making and we love the fact that you get to color them yourself any way you like.

hot off the presses coloring elements News from Hot Off the Press!And before we leave things that can be colored and inked I want to look at another trend from CHA – great markers and pencils. Those that we particularly like are the markers from Tombow and their hard to pronounce but love to have Irojien color pencils. Can you believe they even have a neon set that glow in the dark and the boxes they come in are to die for.

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