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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Tree house doodle

treehouse Tree house doodle

Doodle a tree of houses

This is literally a tree house doodle, here I’ve drawn a series of my row houses up the trunk of a tree.

One of the nice things about houses that are stacked on top of each other is that you get to draw fun accents like stairs and ladders – because the designs are fanciful they don’t actually have to be serious so you can drape your stairs in loops and waves and your houses don’t have to be engineered to actually sit where they are – just sketch your houses and wrap the tree around them. In my drawing you’ll see a set of windows inside the tree making this a tree house as well.


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Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Drawing – Log Cabins

cabins Drawing   Log Cabins

Drawing Log Cabins and wood houses

So, most of the time my drawings are pretty clean and they aren’t textured.  However I found a few photos on the web of wooden houses that looked like they were from Norway or one of the Scandinavian countries. I fell in love with the look so I had a shot at sketching them. I left the windows unshaded but everywhere that there are planks of wood, I drew lines.

The plus here is that old wooden houses tend to be a bit warped and uneven so that’s the effect I’ve achieved here – an old rickety style wooden house. Basically the shapes are simple – particularly those below – but the texture really sets them apart from my standard drawing style.

It’s good to mix things up a bit. Until you try a style you won’t know if you like it and if it’s something you want to include in your skill set.

I’m thinking that these might be cute rendered as sketches in Photoshop too – there’s a skill involved in creating pattern fills that are organic like this so they look hand drawn. But, for now, here are some wooden houses for you to enjoy and, perhaps draw yourself too.


cabins2 Drawing   Log Cabins


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Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Drawing – Balloon House

balloon house Drawing   Balloon House

Thoughts on how to draw a flying house

I’ve been working on this drawing for a while by drawing houses flying in the air. One problem I had was actually making this feel real. Well, real is a bit of a misnomer here because you don’t see houses flying around too much. But I wanted to give the drawing the feel of being a house actually flying around. The secret is to put the house on an angle so it looks like it is flying – after all, if a house were attached to a ballon that is moving it would be dragging a bit behind and so it would be hanging off its rope.

As soon as my house was at an angle, the entire drawing came together. Adding the washing line and washing was a stroke of genius – I have a total love of laundry in real life and in drawing too. The birds and clouds also reinforce the suggestion the house is on the move!

I finished off with some Tombow markers to add some color. The sky was done with lots of water to get a washed out look. I like the Tombow markers because I can use them full strength and also mix them with water so I can get a second ‘color’ into the drawing and only use one pen.



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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

How to Draw a Deck Chair in 6 Steps

deck chair 6 steps How to Draw a Deck Chair in 6 Steps

Learn to draw a deck chair in 6 easy steps

In this latest installment of my step by step how to draw series you will learn how to draw a deck chair – in 6 easy steps. This was one of the hardest step by steps I have designed as there is just so much going on behind the seat of the chair!

Like all my step by steps, I design them so they don’t have any lines in them which get erased – so you can draw them with ink on paper direct and you don’t have to sketch them first.

When you are drawing this, I suggest you do the first few in pencil and ink them after – it’s a bit tricky to get the lines right so they look correct and that chair seat isn’t easy to make nice and loopy and still leave room for the chair hardware to appear behind it. I hope you enjoy this drawing design!


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Friday, December 5th, 2014

Drawing – Hill Houses

hillhouses Drawing   Hill Houses

Doodling hill houses

Just one tiny, fanciful step beyond drawing row houses is stacking the houses up a hill. Drawing hill houses gives your doodles more dimension and opens up wonderful opportunities to add ladders and steps and antennae and lights. Stick to your basic house shape and add a few similar designs – keeping the overall style homogenous.

I love to add lights and ladders – it doesn’t matter that there are no doors to join them to – this is doodling at its most fun.



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Thursday, November 20th, 2014

How to Draw a Scroll Style Banner Step-by-Step

scroll small How to Draw a Scroll Style Banner Step by Step

Learn to draw a word filled banner, step by step

A simple scroll banner like this is a fun drawing project. It is also one that you will return to and use time and time again. You might draw it in chalk on a chalkboard or on a page of a flip chart as a topic heading at work.

I also like to draw these using white gel ink (Tip: I love my Ranger Inkessential white opaque pen as it has good color and it doesn’t clog like many other pens do). I draw these on colored card to create a personal greeting card with a message of my choice.

I’m sure that once you familiar with drawing these that you will use them time and time again.


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Monday, November 10th, 2014

Learn to draw – Border Doodles

border doodles Learn to draw   Border Doodles

Learn to draw cute border doodles

Today’s drawing is a cute set of border doodles. You can draw these easily yourself. I suggest you start by drawing, in pencil, some corner guide lines (I use a square of cardboard to get the angle right). Then you can doodle the lines. Some are the same design repeated over and over again and the outside one is a looped line with small elements drawn where the line forms peaks. Make the corner element a one off and then repeat the side ones at the top to balance the design.

I like to use designs like this for photo frames which I package up and sell on my blog.

Border doodles are fun to draw and a great way to practice creating neat corner elements too.

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Drawing Houses on Stilts

stick houses Drawing Houses on Stilts

Learn to draw cute houses on stilts

Once you’ve mastered drawing simple houses why not draw houses on stilts. Draw your regular houses and then, below them draw the trunks of trees. You’ll want a couple of trunks per house so they don’t topple over. Of course, when you’ve drawn the trees you will have plenty of room to draw other elements. I’ve added a washing line, a ladder, a cat, water, a  jetty and a boat. Then, just so we realize that this is all about fantasy, I’ve added some flying fish.

As always, I’ll sketch the basics using a 2B pencil then ink over it with a Sakura Micron pen. Finish off, when the ink is nice and dry with a white eraser to remove any remaining visible pencil lines.



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Friday, July 5th, 2013

Step by step how to draw a Lion

how to draw a lion in 6 steps Step by step how to draw a Lion

How to draw a lion in six simple steps

Today we’re drawing a lion in six very easy steps. I like to start with the face and but this time, if you want a really fluffy mane and no line – draw the outer oval in step one in pencil so you can erase it later on. Everything else can be inked directly.

I thin my lion is a pretty happy lion so I’ve made him a performer in a zoo and given him something to stand on. You can put your lion anywhere – just sketch in a background for him.

I colored the lion with Tombow markers – sometimes using the color at full strength and other times dipping the pen in water to make a more water color effect.

Once you’ve got a feel for making your lion why not try some other poses for him – maybe lying down or running?




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Monday, July 1st, 2013

Step by step how to draw a fox

how to draw a fox in 6 steps Step by step how to draw a fox

Learn to draw a fox, in six simple steps

I love to draw and I love to experiment with drawing different things. Today it is foxes. They’re so cute and reducing the process of drawing them to six simple steps was a challenge I really enjoyed. Once you get a grip on the basic fox try making tall and thin foxes – mums and dads and then shorter plumper ones for their kids (technically baby foxes are kits).

This step by step can be rendered in pencil or in ink – there are no lines to erase so you’re ready to go.

Then try different body poses. In an upcoming blog post I’ll have some fox studies for you to show you some simple poses for this basic fox.

You can paint the fox with water colors paints or do as I did and use Tombow markers. They mix with water for water color style painting or use them as colored markers at full saturation.

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