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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Cloud Embroidery with Beads

embroidery 11 Cloud Embroidery with Beads

felt cloud, embroidery stitches and beads

Felt cloud with embroidery stitches and beads

I’ve been playing around with some different embroidery projects lately and combining felt with embroidery. It’s a great idea because it lets you get a lot of color without having to do a lot of sewing. Here I’ve used rows of colored stitches including a row of chain stitch, and 3 rows of back stitch. When you mix the colors over felt you get lots of wonderful dimension.

For the rain drops I’ve used a series of wired beads. You can make these yourself using a very light wire and glass beads. I used pieces from an ornament I pulled apart. I am always on the lookout for things I can pull apart when I shop post Christmas at the craft stores and at Cost Plus. I prefer Cost Plus because it is a great source of things when you look past the item itself and look to what you can get when you break it into little pieces. These beads came in longer strings, all I needed to do is to open up the wired loops using pliers and pull them apart into ‘right size’ lengths. Then I sewed them in under the edge of the cloud.

The embroidery is done on linen fabric which I find at Joann’s. I love sewing on linen and this one is a great dark grey color with a narrow cream stripe. It gives projects just the right amount of sophistication. I also prefer to use DMC Pearl Cotton – it is a thickish embroidery thread and it is nice and soft to work with. Since it is a single thread and not designed to be pulled apart, it has a great luster which makes your project look awesome.

embroidery 12 Cloud Embroidery with Beads




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Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

How to Draw a Kawaii Doughnut

doughnut small How to Draw a Kawaii Doughnut

Learn to draw a Kawaii style donut step by step

I don’t want to buy into the donut vs doughnut argument here – I am Australian so, to me, it is a doughnut cause it is made from dough. But here in the US it is typically called a donut! Either way, it’s a great topic for Kawaii style drawing because it is round and cute.

Here is how to draw a Kawaii style donut step by step. You can adapt this by changing the eyes – I’ve used large eyes with highlights but, if you’re drawing a smaller donut you can skip the cheeks and do solid eyes. It will also look so cute if you add color to the icing!

You’ll see I have added some extra thickness to the outside border of the donut – this gives it more shape and it’s an effect I like – so think regular thickness lines on the inside and then go over the outside lines once or twice to make them a little thicker. For the outside shading I use Prismacolor markers – they aren’t cheap – but I bought a few and the 40% Warm Grey and 40% Cool Grey are great choices for adding shadows to your drawings – they go on nice and semi-transparent and they build up as you draw so you get a nice organic shading really easily.

I hope you enjoy this drawing. If you do, look out for my other Kawaii drawing step by steps: Draw a Kawaii Cloud step by step, and Draw a Kawaii Ice cream cone step by step.

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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

How to draw – a row house drawing exercise

beach houses row how to draw How to draw   a row house drawing exercise

Learn to draw row houses with this cute house drawing exercise

Here is a fun exercise for learning and practicing to draw houses and row houses. In this first example, above, is a series of beach bathing boxes like they have at some of the beaches in Australia such as Brighton Beach and Mornington Beach.

As with the example in my previous post, start with a line for the ground and then some little boxes. Pencil in the roof lines and then try for some variety in the decorations, doors and windows. Think of seaside things like striped paneling, life buoys, satellite dishes and large numbers. Pencil these in before going over everything with a pen.

I don’t usually color my pieces beyond some grey color applied using a Prismacolor pen. However in this case I scanned the drawing into a new document and opened it in Photoshop. I fixed the lines and then colored the background and the sand.

more cute row houses How to draw   a row house drawing exercise


Here is another set of houses, again little boxes with pointed roofs. I looked for some variety in roofs and even added a ladder, a shut up house and one with a Volkswagen in the carport.

If you want to see the earlier post with the step by step for creating the houses, here is what I drew and a link to the post.

row houses1 How to draw   a row house drawing exercise



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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

felt helicopter opener Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Recently I got inspired by a small wooden helicopter that I’ve had on my desk for some time. Frustratingly every time I move anything on the table the helicopter falls over. But it has a cute shape so each time it falls over I just stand it back up again. Recently I took a good look at it and decided it was time to do something with it.

The outcome is a cute little felt helicopter. It is a fun project that takes only an hour or two to complete. You can make your own design or use mine which you can download here.

What you need:

- Blue-gray, pink and white wool felt

- Recycled plastic container or plastic sheet

- Fiber fill

- Needle and embroidery thread in colors to match the felt

- Scissors

For my helicopter I used a small plastic drinking cup but I think next time I’d use a flat plastic sheet of some kind as the bend that the cup gives just isn’t really needed.

Start by cutting the felt following the pattern. You need two blue-grey pieces for the rotor, two pink pieces for the body and a single long body piece. Cut a couple of white windows, and four blue-grey pieces for the skids. Cut a couple of pieces of recycled plastic just a little smaller than the skids themselves. I always but always use wool felt – it just holds up so much better in use than the fake stuff which tears along the seams way too easily.

felt helicopter step1 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Using blanket stitch and matching thread, stitch the felt over the plastic to make the two skids. The plastic in them will help stabilize the helicopter later on. Note that the hole in the plastic for the skids is much larger than the hole in the felt!

felt helicopter step2 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Sew the windows onto the helicopter sides and then sew the sides to the long panel. The long panel ends attach at the tail so the widest part of it goes around the main body of the helicopter. On the pattern I’ve roughly marked out where each piece should match up with the body of the helicopter.

felt helicopter step3 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

As you stitch up the helicopter body, stuff it firmly with fiberfill.

felt helicopter step4 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Put the two rotor pieces together and sew the pieces together using blanket stitch around the edges. Fill the rotor with fiberfill as you go and make sure you push the fiberfill right down into the ends of the rotors so they are pretty firmly stuffed.

felt helicopter step5 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Finish sewing up the rotor and attach it to the top of the helicopter. Before sewing the skids to the body pin them in place to test the placement. You need to make sure the body will stand on the skids and that it will balance there. Once pinned in place, sew the skids to the body.

felt helicopter step6 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

I think this is a cute and fairly quick and easy project. You could make three or four and some stuffed clouds and use them as a mobile in a child’s room.

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Friday, January 4th, 2013

Mini felt house awesomeness

felt covered jar mini house 41 Mini felt house awesomeness

Yummy felt houses – made from jars – useful and cute

These felt houses are made on a jar base and the top of the jar is glued inside the conical top so it is a fully functional jar.

They are made on a paper mache cone base which you can find at a craft store – mine came from Michaels – it is around 6″ tall and it fits over the top of a small jam jar or something similar. I used a jar from Kozlowski farms which is a multi-sided jar – but a round one might be easier to use.

Here’s what you need:

Recycled jar with lid

Paper mâché cone

Felt in assorted colors

DMC #5 Pearl Cotton embroidery thread – assorted colors

Fabric glue stick

Scissors, pen, pencil, paper, embroidery needles

Start by making sure the jar fits in the cone comfortably and that the jar lid isn’t too tight on the jar – you want to be able to get it on and off pretty easily later on.

Lie the cone down and make a paper pattern for it. It’s easiest to wrap it with paper, tape in place, cut to fit securely, remove the paper, cut it to open flat and voila! there is your pattern.

Cut the house lid  from felt leaving a little extra on the long edge – about 1/8 inch for sewing and make sure it overhangs the bottom edge by around 1/4 in.

Sew up the long seam to make a cone shape and place the felt cover on the paper mache  cone. Now cut small scallops around the bottom edge of the felt cone cover. It is easiest to make marks approx 1/2 in apart around the base then cut a small V shape at that point. Round the corners either side of the V and you have a small scallop. Now do a button hole stitch around the entire edge to make the scallop edge.

For the house, make a paper template the size you need plus around 1/4 in. Mark on it where the house ‘bits’ will go. Because my jar was multi-sided I wanted the doors to be on the  flat sides not an edge so I made sure everything would line up.

design in the flat for jar Mini felt house awesomeness

Transfer the pattern to the felt you will use - I just roughed it out with a lead pencil – and then embroider away. I used felt for the windows, doors, cat and the letterbox. I used my new fabric glue stick to put it all in place. I learned about it from Lime Riot’s felt embroidery tutorial – I used to use Fabritac but it stinks and it is really messy when used in small amounts – I am finding a fabric glue stick is so much easier to use and I can place it more accurately.

I sewed everything on and embroidered everything with size 5 DMC Pearl cotton – I like its luster and I prefer using it to other embroidery threads. The flowers are basically lazy daisy, french knots and some straight stitch. Nothing too complicated here. I cut the cat freehand and stitched it on and sewed the whiskers.

I did all the embroidery on the felt laid flat – it’s just easier to work that way. To finish, pin the felt to fit the jar, trim any excess and sew the side seam. Cut a piece of felt the shape of the base of the jar plus 1/8 inch and sew onto the sides.

To finish, glue the top of the felt to the jar first making sure that the cone roof will fit onto the jar without the felt all bunching up – you could add some ribbon trim at this point if desired or finish the top edge in some other way.

Glue the jar lid inside the roof – I use Ranger Glossy Accents as a glue – it makes a great glue for metal and because it is all hidden any drips won’t matter.

Once it is all dry you have a cute jar which you can use until some quaint small creature of the forest decides to move in and call it home.
felt covered jar mini house 31 Mini felt house awesomeness

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Free Downoad – Christmas Printables

christmas printables craftinggoodnessdotcom Free Downoad   Christmas Printables

Santa’s Elves have been busy creating these free printable Christmas tags

At we’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas in so many ways and one of them is drawing some tags for you.

These fun tags come as a pdf file in black, red and green. Simply download the file, open it, print the page or pages of your choice and then cut the tags for your presents. You can print onto heavy cardstock or onto paper with sticky back so you can trim and stick – it’s up to you…

Wishing  you all the very best for the season from us all!

Download your tags here.


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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with Style

cosmocricket1 Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with StyleCute isn’t going away any time soon if the folks from Cosmo Cricket have anything to say about it. The new lines from Cosmo Cricket include S’More Love and Jolly Days are all about cute.

There’s Santa and Dancer in the new Jolly Days line and plenty of cute forest animals in the S’more Love line. The colors are great – think some retro colors and blue and gold included with the holiday papers and the designs are smart.

cosmocricket2 Cosmo Cricket is all about Cute with StyleWe’ve always liked Cosmo Cricket papers and I have fond memories of its Dutch Girl collection which I still have some papers from in my stash. These new paper designs are equally as good as any the company has ever made.

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