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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Cloud Embroidery with Beads

embroidery 11 Cloud Embroidery with Beads

felt cloud, embroidery stitches and beads

Felt cloud with embroidery stitches and beads

I’ve been playing around with some different embroidery projects lately and combining felt with embroidery. It’s a great idea because it lets you get a lot of color without having to do a lot of sewing. Here I’ve used rows of colored stitches including a row of chain stitch, and 3 rows of back stitch. When you mix the colors over felt you get lots of wonderful dimension.

For the rain drops I’ve used a series of wired beads. You can make these yourself using a very light wire and glass beads. I used pieces from an ornament I pulled apart. I am always on the lookout for things I can pull apart when I shop post Christmas at the craft stores and at Cost Plus. I prefer Cost Plus because it is a great source of things when you look past the item itself and look to what you can get when you break it into little pieces. These beads came in longer strings, all I needed to do is to open up the wired loops using pliers and pull them apart into ‘right size’ lengths. Then I sewed them in under the edge of the cloud.

The embroidery is done on linen fabric which I find at Joann’s. I love sewing on linen and this one is a great dark grey color with a narrow cream stripe. It gives projects just the right amount of sophistication. I also prefer to use DMC Pearl Cotton – it is a thickish embroidery thread and it is nice and soft to work with. Since it is a single thread and not designed to be pulled apart, it has a great luster which makes your project look awesome.

embroidery 12 Cloud Embroidery with Beads




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Friday, December 12th, 2014

Mini Christmas Felt Embroidery

felt christmas holly embroidery applique felted Mini Christmas Felt Embroidery

Make this seasonal embroidery in just minutes

There is something to be said for personal gifts and I love to make things to give at Christmas. But when time is short it’s tempting to go out and buy something just because it is quick and easy. That’s why I love this project – it is simple and quick to make. In fact, once the holly is done, I can do the rest in a few minutes while watching a good movie after dinner!

To make this you will need a small embroidery frame – I get mine online – generally from Etsy and these are a tiny 3.5-4 inches tall and they are flexible so no screws. Inside them I use white or off white burlap – it’s inexpensive and much nicer that traditional embroidery fabric as it has a neat texture. Cut out the holly leaves  from green felt – if you use good wool felt the edges will stay nice and the whole thing is easier to sew. Make the holly berries using  a small amount of crimson felting wool and felt the wool into 3 balls. Mine look really plump in the photo but in reality they are flatter as that uses less wool and they sit better on the final piece. Using matching thread, sew the leaves to the burlap then attach the red berries. I finish off the back of my pieces with red felt cut to just smaller than the back of the embroidery. Trim the burlap to 3/4 inch all round, tuck it in and tack the felt over the top. It takes just minutes and it really makes the piece look much more professional.

So, there you have it – a simple holiday felt embroidery project.

felt christmas holly embroidery applique felted finishing technique Mini Christmas Felt Embroidery


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Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Felt circles #4 – simple stitches

felt circles embroidery stitches 3 Felt circles #4   simple stitches
I loved the color scheme of this felt piece and I stitched it, like the most recent posts as I travelled through Scotland and Scandinavia. I always take a project with me and this time, it is a small embroidery kit. I used an old Qantas pack that I got years ago when I got upgraded to Business Class on a flight to Sydney. It’s a perfect size and because it has two zips you can open it from any place and not spill its contents. For the trip I packed a hand made felt cupcake pincushion – it is built on a drink bottle cap so the needles don’t go through the bottom and so it stands easily. I packed some pins, a few needles, thread, and precut circles of felt. I also have a tiny but cute and functional pair of scissors – so far the kit has gone through airport security without issue.

The threads are mainly on plastic spools on a book ring. This is very practical for traveling as I store my thread on these spools anyway. In one pack of spools that I bought there was included a huge book ring. Now I can just grab the colors of thread I need and hook them on the ring and I’m all set to go. When I get home, the spools just go back into my thread box.

felt circles embroidery stitches travel kit 6 Felt circles #4   simple stitches
Here are today’s stitches:

Row 1: Lazy daisy single stitches alternating with french knots.

Row 2: Herringbone stitch.

Row 3: Back stitch, actually I cheated on this and did it as two rounds of running stitch, the second round simply fills in the holes left by the first. It is a simple design but I think anything too complex will take away from the beauty of the herringbone stitch.

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