Designing with canva OMG Canva (for making simple graphics) is Awesome!

Get started with the new app Canva for designing cool images online for print and web

I signed up to be told when Canva launched about an age ago. Of course, by the time the invite came out I’d forgotten all about it. However, when reminded I clicked the big purple button and signed up and signed in.

The program is totally awesome. You choose the type of design you want to make – such as blog graphic, facebook cover, card, collage or you can create a custom size design. Then you get to choose a layout and the elements to use in it. Many of the things you will use are free and others are $1 which you only pay when you’re happy with the design and ready to publish it. You can also upload your own images as I did with the background here – but the text objects are all built in and they are really good looking and very easy to customize.

canva2 OMG Canva (for making simple graphics) is Awesome!

Canva’s designers have made a handy getting started guide and some mini challenges you can take which get you familiar with the program. It’s all run in a browser and its very fast, the designs are great and it is fun and easy.

What’s not to like about it? Well only one thing – the web images are downloaded as png and really, on the web, I still prefer to use jpg so they are 100% compatible with all browsers. So I’ve been opening the designs in a photo editor and resaving them as jpegs. It’s no biggie but it would be nice if the download was in this format.

Right now Canva is by invitation only. BUT – I have 4 invites left for friends. If you want to be my friend – email me at and I’ll send you one of my 4 remaining invites. However, when they are gone – they are gone!



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