how to draw a flying house Flying house

Give a house wings and make it fly

I’ve been captivated by drawing houses lately and one of my favorite designs shows a tall house with one set of small windows and a door. I’ve done quite a few things with this design including making it into fabric at Spoonflower and making a pillow from it. I also used the design for a set of recycled earrings.

Today I gave it wings and made it fly! I uses some Zentangle style artwork on the mountains below the house, some of the trees I have drawn before and which I give away as brushes for Photoshop and added some fun clouds and a streamer of bunting fluttering below.

Right now I am ok with the basic look but I think the house will look better tilted slightly to suggest movement.  The wings I spent a bit of time researching to make sure I got the feel of how they should look. Everything was done in pencil to begin then inked and the pencil erased.






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