How to draw a tree step by step e1360786550309 How to draw a tree   step by step

Step by step tutorial on how to draw a tree

I like using trees in my art but I struggle over them. That is until I found a way to draw fractal trees. I have a post on them on this blog which uses a downloadable tool to make them (see below for a link to this post).

But what if you want a hand drawn tree? Then this is all you need. The tree is a simple process, start with a single line for a trunk and then add the first branches – it’s a good idea if these are around 2/3 the length of the trunk. Then continue adding the exact same shape at the end of each branch – just a little smaller each time. In no time you have a fully fledged tree. Simple and smart.

If you want one created automatically for you, check out this blog post: Way too cool – create your own fractal trees.

And to see how to use trees in your Photoshop collages check out this youtube video: Create Fractal Trees online

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