felt helicopter opener Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Recently I got inspired by a small wooden helicopter that I’ve had on my desk for some time. Frustratingly every time I move anything on the table the helicopter falls over. But it has a cute shape so each time it falls over I just stand it back up again. Recently I took a good look at it and decided it was time to do something with it.

The outcome is a cute little felt helicopter. It is a fun project that takes only an hour or two to complete. You can make your own design or use mine which you can download here.

What you need:

- Blue-gray, pink and white wool felt

- Recycled plastic container or plastic sheet

- Fiber fill

- Needle and embroidery thread in colors to match the felt

- Scissors

For my helicopter I used a small plastic drinking cup but I think next time I’d use a flat plastic sheet of some kind as the bend that the cup gives just isn’t really needed.

Start by cutting the felt following the pattern. You need two blue-grey pieces for the rotor, two pink pieces for the body and a single long body piece. Cut a couple of white windows, and four blue-grey pieces for the skids. Cut a couple of pieces of recycled plastic just a little smaller than the skids themselves. I always but always use wool felt – it just holds up so much better in use than the fake stuff which tears along the seams way too easily.

felt helicopter step1 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Using blanket stitch and matching thread, stitch the felt over the plastic to make the two skids. The plastic in them will help stabilize the helicopter later on. Note that the hole in the plastic for the skids is much larger than the hole in the felt!

felt helicopter step2 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Sew the windows onto the helicopter sides and then sew the sides to the long panel. The long panel ends attach at the tail so the widest part of it goes around the main body of the helicopter. On the pattern I’ve roughly marked out where each piece should match up with the body of the helicopter.

felt helicopter step3 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

As you stitch up the helicopter body, stuff it firmly with fiberfill.

felt helicopter step4 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Put the two rotor pieces together and sew the pieces together using blanket stitch around the edges. Fill the rotor with fiberfill as you go and make sure you push the fiberfill right down into the ends of the rotors so they are pretty firmly stuffed.

felt helicopter step5 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

Finish sewing up the rotor and attach it to the top of the helicopter. Before sewing the skids to the body pin them in place to test the placement. You need to make sure the body will stand on the skids and that it will balance there. Once pinned in place, sew the skids to the body.

felt helicopter step6 Flying High – sew a felt helicopter

I think this is a cute and fairly quick and easy project. You could make three or four and some stuffed clouds and use them as a mobile in a child’s room.

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