embroidery on felt stitches wool DMC 13 Felt circles # 13   Crimson and Blue

I love the color combination of crimson and blue here Рit is tempered by some gray also one of my favorite colors. This piece features some lazy daisy stitches which I love they just give your work a little bit of a frivolous touch. There are also lots of French Knots which I now find it dead easy to do Рjust make sure you ease the stitch in place by holding the thread steady with your thumb Рif you twist the thread around the needle and just pull the needle without supporting the stitch, you are  doomed to fail! Believe me!

Row 1 – Double Blanket Stitch – You work this as one row of blanket stitch all around and then do a second one up side down so the long bars of each overlap – it ended up being quite a cute stitch.

The bead is attached with some long stitches right into the second circle and each finished with a french knot.

Row 2 – More blanket stitch here but very large stitches so they are quite far apart. On the outer edge these are enhanced with alternating Lazy Daisy stitches and some french knots – at long last I am really able to do french knots with confidence – it takes practice but it finally worked out well.

Row 3 – This is a row of detached Fly Stitch so each is spaced around the edge of the piece. Between the individual fly stitches are more French Knots.

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