felt circles embroidery stitches 4 Felt Circles #5   winter warmth
This color palette is alive with warmth and I love it though I can’t claim it is mine since someone else chose it for me. The cream felt circle is a lot less daunting than the white one of the earlier Halloween inspired colors post. Funny how just killing the brightness of pure white and making it cream changes it from cold to warm and instead of wanting to cover it up, I want to show it off.

Today’s stitches:
Row 1: Straight stitch.

Row 2: Blanket stitch – the bead is held down with alternating colors of thread and each stitch is finished with a french knot.

Row 3: Blanket stitch done so the stitch is more decorative than practical. It is all about how you start the stitch that defines how it looks and sometimes I undo the first few stitches a couple of times until I get the design I want to use. Then, every third stitch I’ve done three lazy daisy stitches.

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