felt circles embroidery stitches 1 Felt circles #2   Winter colors

I love the felt colors used here. I always use wool felt when I can and I buy mine from Etsy. Wool felt not only feels nicer to work with but it doesn’t tear when you stitch close to the edges and it self heals when you undo stitches. Seriously, when you have used wool felt you won’t want to go back to the plastic stuff for embroidery.

Today’s stitches are my own sort of. The first (inside) row is a triangle stitch just made up for the purpose. Then blanket stitch but so the edge is off center and used more decoratively Then a row of lazy daisy and every second one has a second stitch and a french knot. Finally a row of chain stitch to finish off and because it repeats the color from the first row it holds it all together better visually.

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