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Monday, July 30th, 2012

What’s hot from Summer CHA – KellyCraft Laser Square

laser square Whats hot from Summer CHA   KellyCraft Laser Square

Twice a year the Craft and Hobby Association holds a tradeshow at which up and coming items are previewed. At the recent CHA show in Chicago we were lucky enough to see some of what is new and hot in the industry.

Today it’s a great new measuring tool from the folks at KellyCraft Over there they have a Get-It-Straight laser square. It’s a square ruler with a laser sight built in. It’s all powered by a very small battery and it makes sure you get everything lined up all the time. If you’re using clear stamps then the laser light goes clear through them so that you can line up your stamps with precision.

Better still the KellyCraft folk are thinking one step ahead! The very next item on your shopping list once you’ve shelled out for the Laser Square will be something to bling the laser square with. They have a whole series of colorful LaserSkins you can buy to stick on your Laser Square to color coordinate it with your stash. Gotta love that thinking!

laser square2 Whats hot from Summer CHA   KellyCraft Laser Square

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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Another Betz White style pin cushion

Today’s pincushion is also inspired by Betz White the author of the book Warm Fuzzies.

pincushion 20 Another Betz White style pin cushion

This time, in addition to Felt Works felt for the spiral, I used more of my felted sweater for the final layer. I added some trim and finished with a pom pom made using one of the mini Clover pom pom makers.

I  used to make pom-poms as a kid using cardboard doughnuts but this pom pom maker is easy to use and very very smartly designed. I loved them so much I bought a whole range of sizes, this is one of the mini ones so the pom pom is around 3/4 – 1  inch in size – try making that the old fashioned way!

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Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Thank you! Betz White inspired pin cushion

I am a huge fan of Betz White, her designs totally rock and I bought a copy of her book Warm Fuzzies just for the cute cupcake pin cushions on the cover.

So here is one of the pincushions I made using her method:

pincushion 21 Thank you! Betz White inspired pin cushion

I didn’t have a lot of felted sweaters but I did have one so the outside layer is made from the cuff of a hand felted recycled sweater. The middle layers are good old Felt Works felt – I love Felt Works felt because is it bumpy and full of wool felty goodness.

I wrapped two layers of Felt Works felt into a cone and stitched it to fix it. Then I wrapped the lot with a sweater cuff over sewn with some rick rack and pearls. The middle has a big faux pearl and a bead  cap to finish.

It’s a fun project to make and I reckon it took me about an hour.

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Monday, July 16th, 2012

Felt Cup Cake Pincushion

pincushion 22 Felt Cup Cake Pincushion

This felt pincushion was pretty easy to make as I did it using some felted cord I got from Cost Plus.

So, to make it, cover a bottle cap – screw on type – from a soft drink bottle with brown felt. I sewed mine as the felt I was using wouldn’t be glued with Fabri-Tac as the glue came through the felt. I have since bought some Felt Works felt which is proper thick wool felt so this won’t happen again and I can glue it if I want.

Having covered the bottle cap, I filled it with fiber fill and sewed a mini cap on top of it. Then I took the felt cord and cut it up the middle so it flattened out quite a bit. This meant I had a wider cord and provided I kept the cut side pointing inwards it would all work just fine.

I wrapped the felt cord around and around capturing it with a stitch here and there to secure it. I continued until I had a good quantity of felt icing on my cup cake. I finished off with some long narrow beads to make the sprinkles for the cake.

Materials: bottle cap (screw on type), felt cord (also called rope, string), brown felt, beads, needle and thread.

Time taken: about 45 minutes – it is a bit fiddly.

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Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Cute bottle cap pin cushion

pincushion 16 Cute bottle cap pin cushion


Continuing my bottle cap pin cushion theme here is a simple but oh, so cute! pin cushion.

All you need is some fabric, glue, fiber fill and a bottle cap. I matched the fabric to the bottle cap and didn’t bother covering up any of the text as it just looked fine as it was.

Time to make this little beauty is around 10  minutes.

Cut a circle of fabric about 2-3 times the width of the bottle cap, stitch loosely around it and pull the stitches up to make a little pouch. Fill with fiber fill, knot the thread and glue the fiber filled  sack into the bottle cap.

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Yummy Felted Cup Cake Pin Cushion

pincushion 15 Yummy Felted Cup Cake Pin Cushion

I’m still making mini pin cushions and experimenting with different ways to make them. This one is built on a bottle cap with felt as the base and then felted on the top. It’s a great starter project if you’ve never needle felted before.

Here’s what you need and how to make it:

Screw on bottle cap, felt sheet – brown, wool roving to felt with in colors of your choice, I used pinks, purple and red, felting needle, finger protector, needle and thread, fiber fill.

Time: approx 1 hour

Start with the bottle cap, cut felt to cover its bottom, sides and top. make the sides a little taller than the cap itself. Sew together all the pieces with the bottle cap inside and fill with fiber fill before finishing. Using fiber fill at this stage saves on wool roving.

pincushion 11 Yummy Felted Cup Cake Pin Cushion
Take pieces of wool roving, smoosh them in your hand and needle felt into the base. Do this bit by bit – don’t try to do too much at once. You need to felt it into the base so the top is attached. Keep pulling off long pieces of roving, twist them into loose snakes and felt them into the pin cushion. I finished off with some loose wool threads to cover it evenly. Them pinch really tiny pieces of roving and felt them into small circles on the pin cushion.

To make the cherry, roll some red wool roving into a ball, then felt the ball loosely and felt onto the pin cushion and continue until it is a tight ball.

pincushion 12 Yummy Felted Cup Cake Pin Cushion

When you are done, you’re done! Stick some pins into it to test it works just fine.


pincushion 14 Yummy Felted Cup Cake Pin Cushion

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Thursday, July 5th, 2012

More pin cushions


pincushion 9 More pin cushions

In the last post I showed a simple pincushion made from a metal bottle cap and some crushed velvet.

This is another similar one I made. This time there is no fancy stitching on the fabric itself. The bottle cap is one of those screw ones that you get on Coke Zero bottles and other similar ones. I glued some trim around the base then decided it still needed something more so I sewed on some pearls. It would have been much easier to sew the pearls to the trim before gluing if you’re making one  yourself.

These look great with crushed velvet and trims which have pearls in them. They end up looking like mini crowns.

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Interesting figures about Etsy

It’s one of my fave places to shop – hand made was never this good..

etsy mba Interesting figures about Etsy
Created by:

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Sunday, July 1st, 2012

I’ve gone Pincushion Mad

pincushion 10 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

I’ve been working on pincushions recently, making lots of little ones. I started making them about cup size from felt and felted jumpers but went mini a few weekends ago. This one is made from a bottle cap from a soft drink.

Here, step by step is how to make one:

pincushion 1 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

Start with the fabric and the bottle cap you plan to use. Then make a circle on the fabric anywhere from 2 – 3 times the diameter of your bottle cap. I made this one about 2.5 times but cut it larger than the design. It’s easiest to just find a jar on your desk that it about the right size and draw around it.

pincushion 2 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

Cut out the fabric then take a double piece of thread and stitch loosely around the shape – bigger stitches work better than small ones – around 1/8th an inch is good. Leave a long end at the beginning of your stitches.


pincushion 3 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

Pull on the threads to make a small pouch (right side out) and then fill it with fiberfill. Keep pushing in the filling as you pull on the thread ends to close up the shape. When  you are done, tie a knot in the threads and trim.


pincushion 4 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

I stitched some big stitches around and over the shape to make it into four segments and sewed a small pearl into the top. It’s easiest to do this before you go any further.


pincushion 5 Ive gone Pincushion Mad

Glue the shape into your bottle cap with a fabric adhesive. I love Fabri-Tac but anythin

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