Recently someone on a creative group I’m part of posed the question as to whether, seeing as Blogging is the new “big thing” there is any reason why they should not scrap their web site and just blog in future.

It was an interesting question and since there was a feeling that this might be “a good idea”, I felt it necessitated a strong reply on the negative side.

Here, for more public consumption is a summary of my feelings:

Don’t make the mistake that because a blog is “the thing” it is the only thing, it isn’t – far from it. A blog and a website are two very different things.

One (the blog), is like an ongoing journal and the other (your website), is your way to show your products to the world.

To see how they differ and why you should ideally have both, do this simple exercise. Ask yourself, if you were a manufacturer or editor wanting to know more about my work and if it would suit your needs, would you rather view my blog or my website?

And, if you were me, do you think my skills are being showcased better in an easy to view way by my blog or my website?

If you seriously put on a manufacturer’s or editor’s shoes for just a minute and try this and then think about what you’re really seeing from their point of view and given what they need to find out about you – and if you do this from your own point of view as an artist/designer as well – you’ll see that clearly that they are in no way alike. Having one does not and should not exclude you from the need to have the other.

For most people the concept of discarding a functional and very informative website and replacing it with a verbose mix of everything which is what a blog is, is not a recommended choice.

I like to think of a website as like a nicely organised and categorised library and a blog as like a dump of books all in a pile on the floor – both might contain the same information but one is significantly easier to find your way around than the other and both appeal to different audiences.

However, that said, blogs do get indexed very quickly and they are easy to update, so, the “better” solution is to link blog to website and vice versa so they feed off each other not destroy one to replace it with the other.

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