shadow apple substrate artStudio final An Apple a Day – Layers and selections in ArtStudio

This apple started out as a Substrate background. I’m really enjoying this program because it creates great backgrounds that I can use for my art.

What you do with Substrate is to choose an image that it will source it colors from and then it renders this interesting background that you can take a screenshot of and use as a background for your art.

shadow apple substrate artStudio 11 An Apple a Day – Layers and selections in ArtStudio

Having finished in Substrate, I took a screenshot and then brought that into ArtStudio.

Art Studio is an application I use a lot because it allows me to use up to six layers in an image. This image is layered so that on the bottom is the Substrate background.

I then used the Selection tool, which is another of ArtStudio’s features to draw an apple shape.

Move this selection over the background layer and use the copy feature to make a copy of the apple shape from the original background.

I added a new layer and pasted this apple shape onto a new layer.

I duplicated this so I could have a version of the apple at the very top so I could see what I was doing.

I then selected a color from the Substrate background, a sort of dark red brown and I made another selection of the apple layer this time using the Magic Wand tool to select the background which of course is empty.

I then used Inverse to invert the selection so the apple shape itself was selected and then I expanded the selection by 10 pixels.

This area was then filled with the black background.

I then did the same thing but this time only expanded it by 5 pixels and filled it with white.

The layers go, from the top down:
1 patterned apple
2 white apple
3 black apple
4 background

shadow apple substrate artStudio layers An Apple a Day – Layers and selections in ArtStudio

Then I transformed the black apple shape using the Transform tool on that Layer.

I dragged it so it was offset and so it would look like a drop shadow.

The white layer is a solid fill of 5 pixels around the apple so you still get the sense of the apple even where the drop shadow isn’t visible.

The result looks as if the apple is somehow raised up from the original background.

The combination of Substrate for the background and ArtStudio for putting all the layers together works really well.

The powerful Selection tools and layers really set this app apart, it’s like having much of the convenience and features of Photoshop on the iPad for making cool art.

I used the multiply blend mode on each of the white and black layers so that you would see some of the underlying image through these layers. The opacity of both reduced to around 50 percent. The white layer blend mode is screen and the black layer blend mode is multiply.

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