grungetastic 6 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing


The iPad has a few things going for it in comparison with a PC and one of those is cheap apps and another the convenience of saving images to the Photo Gallery and instantly switching between applications. Things that can be done on the PC just seem to be much easier at times on the iPad.

Take this image. It started out in PaintBook. I like this app because it has some good tools for creating basic shapes and cutting shapes out of others and its layers feature makes it very easy to work with.

teapot paintbook step1 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

Here the basic teapot shape was created on one layer and then the handle created as a white shape on a second layer. On a third layer, I created all the dots and then saved the finished project to the Photo Gallery.

From here, what I wanted to do was to make the edges of the shape darker so it looked like it had been inked or shaded. For this, I used the ArtStudio app. What I did in ArtStudio was to duplicate the now flattened image so that it was on two separate layers. I selected the topmost layer and using a darker color of the basic orange I painted around and over the edges of the teapot with a semi-opaque paint.

ImageFromArtStudio2 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

At this stage, I wasn’t concerned about the fact that I’d painted all over the edges and over the white background. All I wanted to do was to get the effect I wanted on the teapot and ignore everything else. Having done this, I then set the blend mode of the topmost layer to Overlay as this effectively masks out the over-painting leaving just the resulting image.

I chose to merge visible layers to flatten the effect and then I duplicated the flattened layer and used some of the blend modes to craft the image that I wanted in terms of color and effect. Each time I merged the layers then duplicated them again and used more blending. I finished off by using the pencil tool in ArtStudio to draw dark lines around the white dots on the teapot. From here, I saved the resulting image into the Photo Gallery.

The next step is to PencilSketch HD. I swore blind I wouldn’t buy the full version of this app but I use it more than I like to admit so I sprung for the 1.99 that it cost. I brought the teapot into this app to create it as a pencil sketch. There are no tools here you just get the sketch it gives you but it does a really good job and it is probably the most realistic pencil sketch tool that I’ve found.

Pencil Sketch HD 3 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

From here, I saved the image back into the Photo Gallery. I now had the colored image and a pencil sketch exactly the same size so I opened up SketchClub and grabbed both images, one on one layer and one on the other. I then blended the two layers together using blend modes to get this effect.

Sketch club 4 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

From here, I saved the image back into the Photo Gallery.

Now it was onto Pixlr to add a grunge effect and border to the image. From Pixlr it’s a simple process to save the image back into the Photo Gallery and then hit it with the full force of the Grungetastic app for this final result.

pixlr 5 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

When you consider how far we’ve come from a basic sketch to either the Pixlr or Grungetastic results and that it was all done within a short period of time, you can see the possibilities of creating art using a variety of apps.

grungetastic 6 Why multiple Apps are a wonderful thing

Each apps was used because of its strengths. ArtStudio makes it easy for me to make blended edge effects. I love SketchClub for its ability to blend layers and PaintBook is just such a cool tool for creating basic sketches. Pixlr and Grungetastic just add the finishing touches.



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