cityscape picfx texture book 4 Cityscape frame effect from Picfx iPad app

I’ve been working with this image for a few recent posts. It started out as an OmniSketch image and then I took it into Dynamic Light to apply an Orton Effect and one to add some Mysterious Light.

Then, on the basis of why use 2 apps when you can use 3, I took it into an app called Picfx which is a $1.99 app for adding effects to pictures.  Here I’ve applied a fairly heavy handed Texture effect to the image but one I like – it is called book and it’s in the texture group of effects – not border where you might expect it to be.

The image has come a long way and it’s really just a case of experimenting with some really wonderful apps to turn a drawn sketch into something so much more. Gotta love this iPad!


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