sheep 2 sketchbook Mix and match iPad apps

To make a change from apples, I’ve been drawing sheep lately too. This gives me new fodder for my drawing and painting apps and a way to experiment with some cool background effects.

The background for this image was made in a free app called Fluid Monkey. This is one of those one hit wonder apps that keeps coming back to bite you. It does a few things but basically you set it to a type of flow like oil paint or wet mud and you choose a color and you draw on the screen and the fluid then moves around in a semi-controlled/slightly uncontrollable way.

However, the colors are lovely and bright and they make fantastic backgrounds for drawings. I just take a screenshot of the finished piece and then grab it into some other software to finish off.

Here I mixed green for the farmscape and blue for the sky and dotted some cloud like forms to make a background.

Fluid monkey background Mix and match iPad apps

This isn’t the exact background form the image above but gives you an idea what is possible. I would then grab the background into Paintbook 3.2 ipad which I bought and really loved once I learned to use it. It is possibly the hardest program to get a handle on but one of the most powerful I own.

I drew my sheep in here and copied the first one to make the second. This app creates vector shapes of amazing complexity that I am only just beginning to explore. If you buy it, do yourself a favour and watch the training videos as there are tools here that defy explanation unless you do.

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