20111001 153121 e1317508560941 An Apple a Day   Quill for the iPad   Day 12
I really like this application. I had looked at it a few times and gone on past it as the illustrations on the iTunes site held no attraction for me. Luckily I came back to it as I really like it.

On the face of it, this is an application that writes and draws like you are using a calligraphy pen. You can make the pen wider or narrower and you can change its angle too. You can also draw a filled shape so you can draw a circle with a calligraphy outline and a color fill or with a stroke and no fill or with a fill and no stroke. Here’s where it starts to get interesting – the fills can be selected from a color selector which shows colors in boxes or as a graduated set of colors you can click to select. You can also change the opacity so you don’t fill at 100% opacity if you don’t want to. It also includes a round brush and you can use in the same way too.

The top of the screen shows three options, Draw – Navigate and Select. They are pretty self explanatory except for Select. Choose Select and you can tap on a line or filled shape and you will see a line showing how you drew. You can now edit the shape by changing anything from where it is positioned, to changing its color and fill color and you can delete it if you want to. You can also use the small triangle indicators to move the shape up or down the stack so you can move something behind other objects. This overcomes the problem with the fact that the program doesn’t have layers as shapes can be moved relative to each other.

20111001 152004 e1317508677424 An Apple a Day   Quill for the iPad   Day 12

You can export images as png, pdf and svg formats so you can get them as bitmaps or as editable vector images.

It is easy to use and fun and I’d give this a walk don’t run rating (4/5).. What I’d really like to see is a tool for creating palettes so you can find colors you’ve used before more easily. Well, funny thing that, when I was grabbing screenshot to illustrate this post I discovered that you can copy or sample colors you’ve used before – hmm I am really liking this app. Perhaps my complaint should now be that there is no help for the application and precious little about it on the developer site. At 99cents buy a Tall instead of a Venti coffee today and use the savings for this app and you’ll get a caffine hit as well as this cool app – how good is that?

20111001 151905 e1317508935324 An Apple a Day   Quill for the iPad   Day 12

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