Artrage apple21 An apple a day   ArtRage again   Day 5

Ok. so it’s not like anything I’ve done so far in this apple a day post. But it is so much fun. I grabbed my photo and added it to a layer just as I explained yesterday. What I wanted from it was its colour and nothing else.

So I added a new empty layer and selected this to paint on but I could see the photo underneath. So I clicked the eyedropper to select it then clicked on the image to sample the colour at that point. Then I clicked the paint tube and dragged my finger over the image to add paint. I did this a few times till I had paint colours all lined up to use. Then I hid the photo layer so I could paint my apple.

artrage place image on layer to sample colors An apple a day   ArtRage again   Day 5

To paint, I chose the Oil Paint brush and clicked the Settings button. Apart from Size, the Thinners and Insta-Dry settings are important here. You want Insta-Dry disabled because you want the paint wet. You don’t want a high value for Thinners if you want the oil paint to look lumpy. If you look at the finished image in the bottom right and left middle areas the paint is smoother – that’s because the Thinners value was higher when I painted those areas. Keep an eye on how the brush looks in the preview at the top of the settings dialog to see how it will look when you paint with it.

Artrage OilPaint Brush An apple a day   ArtRage again   Day 5

I then painted in circles to make the apple and spread the paint out.

So, using ArtRage you can paint your subject freehand but take advantage of being able to sample colours from an image to do so.

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