blog boy 1 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

It all started with this toothy fellow. My friend Frank and I were in a meeting where we both doodle. My doodles are more like geometric puzzles within geometric puzzles, Frank’s doodles are more like creatures from other planets.

A few months ago he doodled this fellow and gave me a cheesy grin which I took to mean, “neener neener betcha can’t build it”. I promptly swiped his doodle, bought a lovely glass eyeball and went to work. A few days later wearing my own cheesy grin, I nonchalantly brought Eyeball Boy to visit his daddy.

Then my birthday arrived. Frank drew 6 more doodle-beings as my present. I was very happy until upon closer scrutiny, noticed that all of the drawings had balance challenges.

blog boy 2 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

I picked Mr. Horns and with a gleam in my eye, pulled out a couple more eyeballs and went to work. Besides having overly large hands in odd positions, the weight of his head and horns, even with light armatures, could easily make him topple over. He was made in two pieces and will be glued together at the neck.

blog boy 3 From Frank to Michelle and from 2D to 3D

Now I’m working on Lips, a strange creature with one foot and a very wild head of… well you get the picture.

Michelle Zimmerman

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