ode to Lynne Ode to Lynne

Odes are good things

An ode is a song meant to be sung.

Since we all dance to a different drummer it’s not a huge leap of logic to think that we also sing to a different beat.

I know a woman who creates her own style with what she wears and what she does. She believes in innate goodness and whenever she can, she helps people see the good stuff that she sees in them.

I think she’s got a great beat! I made this necklace for her a while back at the request of a friend of hers and it’s called Ode to Lynne.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg (aka RiverPoet) travels around teaching people some awesome clay techniques. If you ever get the chance to take a class from her you’re in for an enjoyable time.

Whenever I look at this I feel like dancing and wonder what Lynne is doing.