Macramé and button bracelet

Confession time. I really have a bit of a hard time with macramé so projects like this tend to get away from me a bit. I’m ok for the first few knots then my brain over thinks the process and I can’t remember whether I am going over or under. Call me Macramé challenged.

However, I love macramé bracelets so I designed this one for Get Creative magazine. I had to get some  help actually turning my ideas into reality, so Michelle who, by the way rocks at macramé helped out. I measured and told her exactly what I needed and I started the main loop. Then she kindly removed the string from my hands, nodded sagely and began knotting away. Magically the bracelet materialized just as planned.

If you’re a dab hand at macramé or want to learn, here is the link to the project and the full instructions

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