Purse Mini book

This mini-book was made for Get Creative magazine in Australia. I don’t typically work with what I call “bubble gum” colours like these pinks, greens and blues but for this project because of the clothes the kids are wearing it worked so well.

The photos were taken one day when the kids were playing in the park so I went along to photograph them. Ali was showing off her prowess in swinging across the monkey bars, Ginger was having a little trouble – arms too short was the problem – and Katyann was still playing on the slides and things – waiting for the day she could even reach the monkey bars!

The book is chock full of modeling paste so its lumpy and there is fabric and layer upon layer of chipboard too.

 Purse Mini book

This is one of the inside pages – featuring Katyann. You can see more of the book and read how to make it yourself  here: Purse Mini-Book.

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