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Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Dwelf the Elf

creastone elf 707509 Dwelf the Elf Nothing like a little stone carving to brighten the week! This little fellow is carved out of AMACO’s Crea-Stone. He’s sort of a cross between the house elves in Harry Potter and our household elf (moi). It is not my life’s goal to have my head mounted on a wall, just in case you were wondering. Crea-Stone is interesting stuff. It is soft at first then gets harder so the carving tools change during the drying times. I keep wondering if I could use it to make a nice rockmonster fellow riding a bike. maybe square wheels? Hmmm…

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Seabasstiania Warrior Fish!

seabasstiania front oil 795282 Seabasstiania Warrior Fish!

She was a group birthday gift made for Debra Quartermain . She started out as a “fish fish”, but had an unfortunate accident in the oven when she jumped off her stick during the final cure. Her left fin broke off completely and when something breaks the best way I know of to fix it is to make it better than before. Warrior fish with adorned battle scars was born. She’s made from Kato Polyclay and the beautiful Lisa Pavelka stamp for decorating the base . Helen, Frank and Mindy– Seabasstiania leader of the deep sea bass thanks you!

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