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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Ornament Thursday Ode to Aubergine

ot aubergine 799858 Ornament Thursday Ode to Aubergine

Ode to Aubergine
Just as Julia Childs would say
If she were with us today,
O Aubergine
the colour that is purply black,
O Aubergine
Without you- life would surely lack.

Ok, so there is a reason I’m an unknown poet. Need I say more on this subject?

Helen’s birthday and off to a bead show we went. Armed with $20 I challenged myself to build a showy yet polymer-clay-free aubergine something-or-other from bits at the bead show without going over my $20. I must admit that I’ve seen this style of something on top of something a few places. The unique thing about it is that I made it, and I had enough cash left over for a hotdog, until Helen charged me $1.50 to use a couple of her jump rings. The things we do for jump rings.

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Boston Marathon Bib #6728 and 1/4

Boston snail copy 758273 Boston Marathon Bib #6728 and 1/4

Shshshshshshhh! This little fellow named Irving is secretly sneaking into the Boston Marathon to keep my friend Frank Vallin company at Heartbreak Hill. Don’t tell Frank. Irving wants to be a surprise! Here’s to keeping well hydrated! Give a shout out to Frank (and Irving) as they fly (and slime) through the streets of Boston next week.

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