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Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ornament Thursday is here!

OT MZ Feb 707449 Ornament Thursday is here!
Ornament Thursday requires the use of a special kind of purple (heliotrope) this month and that calls for a special kind of earring. These are made from polymer clay and were made in such a way to show off the mica properties of the clay. One side shiny and one side dark, same clay. A twist is all you need to see both.MZ

OT HB feb 776788 Ornament Thursday is here!
My design this month was completed after I raided Michelle’s secret box of beads. You see she and her friend Frank were putting up shelves above her desk in the studio and were busy drilling lots and lots of holes working on the principle that if they drilled enough of them they’d eventually hit a stud! They did but in the meantime they were so focused on the holes they were drilling and playing with the (very useless) stud finder that I had time to sift through her box of beads.

The box is full of clay beads she has made over the years. I turned up this set of polished beads – yeah! a perfect solution to this month’s Ornament Thursday challenge. I combined them with a huge Bali silver bead I had, lots of silver bead caps and spacers and some wonderful dark purple glass beads. It took me less time to make this than it did for them to get one shelf up. Now that’s what I call a productive afternoon in the studio. HB

Here’s what the other Ornament Thursday team has been up to this month:

Heliotrope: Purple by any other name

Lisa waffles on what shade of purple is really “Heliotrope”

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
Check out Linda’s necklace and don’t miss the giveaway!

Heliotrope-Ornament Thursday
Did someone say violet?

Michelle shares a heliotrope layout of her her and her fish!

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The Lovings

Lovings 744755 The Lovings

Let me introduce the Lovings. I didn’t know their back story until it was explained to me. They were a mixed race couple – Mildred and Richard – who faced all sorts of trials including possible gaol sentences for marrying. The piece is a couple joined at the base – he is Caucasian, she is African American – hence they are “The Lovings”.

This piece was a gift from Michelle for Christmas and it’s the second in a series of these wonderfully quirky fish faces. The canes for the base were some translucent canes we made one afternoon based on a technique from Donna Kato. The faces for the pieces are molds that Michelle has made. The pieces are polymer clay and they are faces with fish bodies and colourful scales. They are finished with oil paint. We used to use acrylics and then one day discovered how much better oil paint works so the acrylics bit the dust and we now have tubes of wonderfully oily burnt sienna and burnt umber paints to age the pieces with. The oil paint gives the pieces a semi translucent look which is beautiful.

lovings2 739685 The Lovings

This is the first in the series, she stands on this wonderful crimson heart:

fishperson 744962 The Lovings

I just love these pieces, they really touch me in some deep place.

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