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If you, like me, am reeling from the news that Polaroid film won’t be produced any more, you’ll love this news. An Austrian artist is set to rescue the film. So, the news is that Polaroid film will be saved! The idea is that this guy’s new company will partner with Ilford to develop and produce something compatible with SX-70 cameras and the 600 series.

You can read more about the news here.

We use Polaroid film in our art. We expose it then peel it apart before the image has developed then develop the image on a different medium. Michelle loves using the film when it has been fully processed. She heats it to release the film from the backing and she can then roll the semi transparent film onto something like these wonderful Baroque Beauty pieces. The mold here, is of course, one from the range of molds she’s designed for KraftyLady Art molds.

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