MZ gratitude 769004 The Cat’s Attitude of Gratitude
When I was a young thing I fell head over heels in love with the neighbor’s cat. She drooled a lot due to an injury but the soppiness was easily overlooked because she was loving and grateful to be loved.

When she visited I sat out on the stoop, groomed her with my hairbrush (mom never knew that part) and gave her treats from our fridge. Occasionally she’d arrive with treats for me too – like live mice and lizards. We spent many stolen hours together on that stoop – some of them with me screaming!

She was a great cat and I offer this in honor of her attitude of gratitude. I’ve taken the liberty of making sure the mouse used in the piece was NOT alive but made of wood. -MZ

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There are so many ways to say thank you
Our own Helen Bradley at http design puts to work to create these earrings which say thank you in so many ways.

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