2428650421 e774ba10bd Printing with Gocco
1. Create your image(s), originally uploaded by mariss+drew.

If you are like me you have a cool Gocco printer tucked away in a cupboard that you’ve never used. Ok, you use the cupboard but not the printer if we’re going to delve into semantics here.

So, this Flickr user has created a cool step-by-step Gocco tutorial that will take you all the way through the process. Armed with the concepts you now have no excuse for not digging out the printer, fire off a bulb or two and get printing.

Come to think of it, Christmas is just around the corner (and about a mile up the road), so why not dig it out, dust it off (find something else to fill the cupboard space – I’m thinking the new paper range from Sassafras Lass) and get printing. I think I will.

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