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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Michelle’s Edumacation

Edumacation 705027 Michelles Edumacation
This month’s Ornament Thursday theme is Academia. Last month’s theme was Red Hot. I thought I’d be smart and redecorate Helen’s work station without her knowledge. Not so smart of me. Turns out I was suddenly assigned the cleaning of that desk including dusting the designer door knob.

This month I have learned the error of my ways and recognize that my first designer door knob might not have been the best choice (or at least putting it on Helen’s desk was sorta stupid). I now offer an innocent yet educated cherub-like face designer door knob using a Krafty Lady art mold. I have graduated. No more door knob redecorations… after this one. Really. I swear. MZ

Check out the wonderful work done by the other Ornament Thursday members this month:

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The Art Bead Scene editor shares a few words of wisdom for jewelry designers.

Back to School-Make your own Pencils
School is back in session, everyone needs new pencils. Why not glass?

BeadStyle goes back to school
Lindsay Haedt’s on her way to the classroom, but not before Linda shares one of her recent designs

Beading Help Web Wires Up Academia
Lynn Kvigne to read! While you can easily use a scrap of paper or an old magazine subscription card for a bookmark, why not whip up a stylish book mark instead?

Check out the “homework” project from Joolz by Lisa
A collab effort works out great when you plan ahead

Cindy Gimbrone aka Lampwork Diva
Cindy’s learned how to Mail!

First Day
Michelle’s School Book – it’s academic!

Swelldesigner goes crazy over school supplies!
Alexa shows you how to turn pencil grips into ultra funky accessories

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Friday, August 15th, 2008

I’m a cover junkie

strawberry 771919 Im a cover junkie
It’s confession time, I am a total cover junkie.

It gets like this, you know your stuff will be in a certain magazine in a certain month so that is, pretty much a given. What you don’t know is when you will get a cover. It might be a line or two describing your project, it might be a small image or it might be the whole enchilada.

It’s the first thing I look for – did I get a cover?

This month, when the September preview issue of Get Creative arrived from Australia, I knew I had some fun pieces. One of them is a minibook on graffiti and I had ‘altered’ my face in a photo giving myself glasses and a moustache and goatee beard. They published it all! And I had this wonderful painted card which I love more than nearly anything I have done before and a cute felt necklace. But no cover..

Well, it took me about half a dozen times of looking at the cover before I realised OMG I got the whole enchilada! My necklace was the lead photo on the cover – I’d been looking at the panels down the side but there it was! How cool is that?

I loved this necklace and lived with making it through Photoshop World in Orlando and a flight to New Orleans and back. I’d pack a mini sewing kit with all my felt pieces, fiber fill and beads and take it with me. I’d sit on the plane or waiting for classes and sew darts into felt, sew and fill I don’t know how many felt strawberries, I’d bead them then top them with little stalks. It took weeks of ‘filler’ time to complete. And was it worth it? Yeah! it looked so cute on the cover.

Inside they described it as having “an innocent retro charm” – I was so stoked that they ‘got it’ and they saw it for what it was and went with it. I love these folks, they make a great magazine which gets better each month and they are committed to showcasing a range of stuff from very current mainstream to some funky cool ideas. I don’t know if Australian crafters know what a gem of a magazine this is, if you’re an Aussie crafter, I suggest you check it out.

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

DIY screen printing…

screenprint 737981 DIY screen printing...
If you’ve been following my recent posts, I’ve got a thing for screen printing right now. Here’s another great tutorial – this time it uses embroidery hoops to hold the fabric for the screen and Modge Podge to make the screen. It’s too cool, too simple, too clever and you have to love it.

Check it out at ThreadBanger – there’s even a video to watch to see how it’s done.

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Printing with Gocco

2428650421 e774ba10bd Printing with Gocco
1. Create your image(s), originally uploaded by mariss+drew.

If you are like me you have a cool Gocco printer tucked away in a cupboard that you’ve never used. Ok, you use the cupboard but not the printer if we’re going to delve into semantics here.

So, this Flickr user has created a cool step-by-step Gocco tutorial that will take you all the way through the process. Armed with the concepts you now have no excuse for not digging out the printer, fire off a bulb or two and get printing.

Come to think of it, Christmas is just around the corner (and about a mile up the road), so why not dig it out, dust it off (find something else to fill the cupboard space – I’m thinking the new paper range from Sassafras Lass) and get printing. I think I will.

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