dicro 725270 Finishing touches..
I was on a big clean up rampage on the weekend – more news about why coming up, suffice to say it involves someone by the name of Lynne Ann, polymer clay and breathtakingly beautiful canes. But, my lips are sealed. Back to the topic – which is the half finished pieces of clay I’ve had kicking around in the bead bin marked – “not done yet”. They’re cool looking leftovers from a faux diachroic bottle that were just too good to throw away. They are made using Jones Tones foils, paints and PearlEx powders from Jaquard. I covered the bottle itself with a 2 part epoxy and, while I liked how the leftovers looked, I wasn’t about to go to the trouble of brewing up a mix of epoxy just for them.

So, instead, I gave them a nice thick coat of Lisa Pavelka’s new (and wonderful), Magic-Gloss which leaves them beautifully glossy and finished. Since these were leftover pieces and their edges weren’t great, I swiped a fresh blade from Helen’s desk, did some magic with my eXacto knife and then covered the raw clay edges with adhesive foil tape which is normally used to prep stained glass pieces.

I like how it all came together. I’m tossing up whether I’ll finish it with Liver of Sulphate but, for now, they qualify for the finished bin.

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