This weekend, I had another of those “never say never” moments. I really should learn better.

Wind the clock back a year or two. A box arrives with “stuff” in it… really some pretty, shall we say, interesting product. Included in it were die cut foam shapes and sheets of neon orange, lime and yellow foam. My response, “I will NEVER use this stuff”. Solution, box it up and shove it in the garage.

Fast forward to this weekend. I pose the question, “I wonder what colours that foam is in the box in the garage?” Turns out that neon green was perfect for the job! Sad isn’t it how our statements can come back to haunt us.

So, why the neon green craft foam? Well, I’m doing this story on getting more value from your punches. Turns out that foam punches really well. Layer a punched shape onto a pad made from a few layers of foam and voila! your own home made stamp.

I made a stamp from the foam for my project. I went one better too and I added one foam punched flower shape to the card. I painted it white to distress it – it was neon green after all! but the result was that it actually worked very well.

Now, I still have three quarters of a box full of whales and assorted fish punched shapes, I know I shouldn’t say it, I know… but … really, truely, promise – I will NEVER use that stuff.

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