black 790164 Let The Sun Shine

I’ve been waiting a long time for the sun to shine through the clouds so I could take Lisa Pavelka’s new Magic-Gloss outside for a test drive. Magic-Gloss is a dimensional glossy liquid that cures rock hard in sunlight. I baked it, refrigerated it and left it out on my work bench for a few days. It still kept a perfect surface tension, never bled over the edge and stayed exactly where I wanted it.

The Paisley texture is also a Pavelka design. I made little cooing noises over it at the CHA trade show and she let me play with one. I had to dig it back out of Helen’s desk, but that’s another story. The photo is polymer clay with foil adhered to it, then indented with the Paisley texture plate. To remove the foil from the design, yet leave the foil still in the indented lines, simply stick box tape on and pull it off. I saw Anne Igou do this at CHA and thought–wow, so I had to try it. mz

pink 719649 Let The Sun Shine

Now I dug a little deeper into Michelle’s stash to find this magic piece. It’s bright pink clay stamped with Lisa’s paisley stamp and this time the raised pieces have been dusted with interference colors of PearlEx – gotta love that stamp. HB

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