It’s always exciting when good things happen to folks who deserve them. I heard some great news last night when Nikki Green called to confirm that she’s one of the new fashionistas at ScrapInStyleTV, aka SisTV, joining the likes of Claudine Hellmuth and others there. Nikki does great work and she really does deserve to do well in the scrapbooking arena… so well done Nikki and congratulations.

On the home front, I just heard we got accepted into Ornament Thursday, an artist group that makes wonderful projects, in all types of genres, so varied and so fun and way cool. They post their pieces once a month, and today is the day for the current round. Next month we get to play, no doubt we’ll be burning the midnight oil mere hours before the deadline conjuring up all sorts of things. I love to get to play, there’s precious little time to do that with all the other projects we have to do and with a new book contract and only months to finish it in, playtime will be thin on the ground. But, since it feeds everything else, it is also very necessary.

mini mini 765718 Cool things happening all around...
In the meantime, Michelle has been working on some special gals. Just when you thought that her Baroque Beauty moulds couldn’t get any smaller, well, they did. She’s been making and dressing cute backsides for a giveaway on an upcoming clay cruise, but I snuck one out of the pile to send to Margot Potter. Margot has a rather sad tale to tell about some cute partially naked 20′s French cartoon women who apparently are offensive to some folk so she had to ‘dress’ hers for an upcoming book project. So, just to remind Margot that even dressed women can sometimes (deliciously) offend, this little lady is winging her way across the country to a new home! She is tiny, less than 1.5 in from twinkle toes to the tips of her little fingers and she makes even the mini baroque beauty mould look positively gigantic! You gotta love her bikini too!

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