How can I be more creative? It’s a question lots of people ask, I imagine because they think they’re not creative and somehow, if they knew the magic formula, they’d be able to crack the nut and become creative overnight.

Sorry to say, it’s not an overnight proposition. But there are some magic formulas – Yep! there are. One that I love is supplied in a list format over at

Visit it here. You can read the formula as a series of short points and be done with it or read the long explanations. If you’re serious about the ‘winning formula’ read the lot. It’s an eyeopener.

Now, I don’t agree with absolutely everything he says but I do agree with around 95% of it. There’s enough here to guarantee that if you follow his steps you’ll be more creative and, in time, you’ll create whatever it is that takes your fancy. It’s all about … we’ll I won’t tell you … you can go read for yourself.

Just remember, the only person you have to blame if you’re not as creative as you want to be really is you.

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