One of the biggest challenges when crafting paper projects such as cards is adding dimension but still ensuring the project can be mailed or a mini book can shut. For this reason I try to avoid using a lot of metal accents that aren’t flat or things that will poke through the envelope.

However, I love foam dots. A few foam dots can lift an accent off the page and make it all look so much more interesting. It seems that just the smallest shadow that they provide makes items look like they’re stacked. Foam dots also travel well – when they’re squashed down the pop back up.

They work well with stickers, simply add the foam dots then dust the remainder of the sticker with talcum powder to remove the ‘stick’ then adhere the sticker to the card with the foam dots.
When you’re stacking lots of flowers on a scrapbook layout or a card you can add dimension to the grouping by using foam dots to lift some of the flowers higher. This technique lets you add lots of less expensive sticker flowers and intersperse them with some more expensive embellishments and get good mileage out of all of them.

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