recycled clothing tags simple weaving loom fluffy tag opener Recycled Clothing Price tag weaving project

Use a recycled clothing tag as a simple weaving loom

Today I am turning an old clothing tag into a weaving loom. I started out by choosing a stiff tag that would stand up to the treatment it was going to get. You don’t want anything that will bend too easily. I then punched a row of holes across the top and the bottom. These holes will take the warp threads so they don’t need to be very big.

recycled clothing tags simple weaving loom fluffy tag 1 Recycled Clothing Price tag weaving project

Next step is to thread the warp threads. This loom is double sided so the weaving goes all around it so you need to thread it to account for this. Start out by threading enough thread to go around the tag the number of times it needs to go (and a bit extra). In my case I needed enough thread to go at the very least 12 times around the tag. Start with a knot that won’t pull through the hole and go in a hole and then down and around the tag. Continue until you have a set of warp threads both sides of the tag. These threads need to be firm but not tight. You need to be able to weave through them but you will be adding some extra puffiness so you don’t want to bend the tag so it has to have some give in it. For my warp thread I used some white fiber with some silver through it which was fairly simple – I saved the really fluffy stuff for the weft.

recycled clothing tags simple weaving loom fluffy tag warp threads Recycled Clothing Price tag weaving project

Now grab the fiber to use for the weft. I chose a white fluffy fiber which was bumpy and uneven. Start at one end and thread the fiber onto a needle with a large eye and a blunt end. Now ‘weave’ in and out of the warp fibers across the top of the tag, continue around the back doing the same and then keep going around and around the tag. This process is pretty forgiving as you don’t have to worry about the edges pulling in because there are no ‘edges’. I did about 3 rounds and then I added a second fiber – this time a thin one with metallic bits. I threaded it and then went around a couple of times.

Next I continued with the fluffy white thread and did a few rounds of it. You don’t need to cut the threads when you start working with the other one, instead just let it hang off the piece as you work with the other one. If it bothers you, you can twist the fibers each time they come together so you catch them up together.

If you run out of fiber just sew the end back into the weaving, thread the needle with some more fiber and sew through the already woven bit to anchor the thread and keep going.

Continue to alternate the fibers with 3-4 rows of fluffy thick weaving and then a couple of rows of the thin sparkly one. Makes sure to do an even number of the thin sparkly fiber as it won’t show much in the weave and you want the thick fibers to look correct because they show. As you weave each row, make sure to push it up tight next to the previous row so the weave is fairly firm.

recycled clothing tags simple weaving loom fluffy tag woven finished Recycled Clothing Price tag weaving project

When you are done, sew the loose ends back through the woven piece to secure. Add a piece of fiber or string through the hole in the tag and you are done!

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